Takstar SC-M1 Portable Live Broadcast Sound Card

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 Tailored for network Karaoke/live broadcast, suitable for smartphone/tablet PC/PC

• Built-in DSP chip with 9 processing effects, one button to switch, easy operation

• 9 effects to be selected by camboy/camgirl for more interesting live broadcast; Three of the nine can be replaced

• One button to turn on monitoring function; Listen to what your are singing

• Intelligent noise reduction to automatically shield the ambient noise picked up by microphone

• One button to turn on background ducking function

• Independent control of microphone volume, monitoring volume or recording volume, flexible operation

• Multiple microphone connectors, compatible with condenser microphone, dynamic microphone, headphone microphone

• Accompaniment connector to link with external audio source equipment for playing accompaniment during live broadcast

• Built-in Li-ion battery for more than 7h operation; charging during operation

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